Designing, Redesigning, & Evaluating Online Courses

ITC Audio Conference
October 2007

Learn about the Illinois Online Network’s new rubric to measure the quality of your online course design. A statewide committee has spent the last two years developing this instrument to help design, redesign, and/or evaluate online courses for quality. The presenter will distribute the rubric and attendees will participate in a discussion on how they can use and customize the tool to their needs and the needs of their institutions.

Synchronous Classrooms

City Colleges of Chicago
February 2007

This Webinar will provide participants with strategies for using synchronous environments to enhance their communication with students as individuals, small groups, and as an entire class. We will focus on the types of synchronous tools, purposes for synchronous communication, preparing for synchronous sessions, and strategies for delivering them.

Instructional Design: Where To Begin

University of Illinois – Illinois Online Network
January 2007

Come join us for a workshop on the beginning steps to Instructional Design. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for designing a new course using outlining and mind mapping skills. We will also provide a few example outlines and an overview of technology tools that may help in the brainstorming process.

Online Teaching and Learning Best Practices

University of Illinois – ION
December 2006

As we near the end of another fun filled year of distance education, we once again call upon all interested to come share best practices with the community. In this Webinar, participants will have the opportunity to share their own best practices with the group. The presenter will take the time to share some of his own as well.