Practice Podcast: Plagiarism

Solving Instructional Problems, with Justin Time
June 19

Seattle Central Podcast Production Crew
Seattle Central Podcast Production Crew


In this episode, Kevin Bowersox-Johnson, Director of eLearning at Seattle Central College steps in for Justin Time. Kevin explores the topic of Plagiarism with faculty member, Yun Moh, and Instructional Designer, Robin Leeson. Listen in as they discuss the problem and share pedagogical strategies for reducing Plagiarism and tools for supporting the effort.

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Our Guests

Yun Moh Yun Moh, Instructional Designer

Yun has been supporting faculty members and academic departments at Seattle Central as an instructional designer since 2015. He has been sharing instructional design knowledge such as Quality Matters and Universal Design along with over 20 years of teaching and curriculum development experience in online and hybrid courses using innovative pedagogy and technology.

Robin Leeson Robin Leeson, Instructional Designer

Robin provides a variety of Instructional Design support and services including course design consultation, faculty training, and captioning. Robin also serves on the Accessibility and Guided Pathways committees. Robin has a Master’s degree in both Adult Learning and English/Creative Writing.

Our Team

Kevin Bowersox-Johnson Kevin Bowersox-Johnson, Director

Kevin has over 25 years experience in Education and Instructional Technology & Distance Education. He has a Mater’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught in both K-12 and Higher Education environments. Kevin has supported several higher education institutions develop policies, procedures, and academic programs specific to distance education.

Jesse Hernandez Jesse Hernandez, Instructional Technologist / Producer

Jesse is a transplant from the Sunshine State who started as a student at Seattle Central. Jesse has served as a Student IT Consultant in our TLC before accepting the position of Instructional Technologist where he works closely with our Instructional Designers and Faculty. His primary role is teaching faculty how to use our college’s technology tools. Jesse also serves as our Podcast Producer.