Dean of Instruction

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1998 to 1999

The Dean of Instruction provides instructional leadership and ensures the effective operation of specified campus instructional departments and student service areas. Areas of responsibility include recruiting, hiring, orienting, and supervising faculty and staff, master scheduling, supervising the faculty peer coaching program, curriculum development, problem solving for faculty and students, and overseeing admissions, registration, and student advising.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Provided administrative oversight for program review, curriculum development, and staffing recommendations; coordinated and developed plans to improve instructional offerings to students.
  • Participated in planning and implementation of class schedules for students and faculty.
  • Developed and coordinated in-service training for instructional academic staff.
  • Supervised the instructors’ peer mentoring program and encouraged innovative teaching efforts.
  • Worked to increase student retention.
  • Scheduled, tracked, and counseled students regarding academic achievement.
  • Adjudicated student appeals and grievances within areas of responsibility.


  • Designed and created electronic Gradebook in access. This tool helped instructors manage student attendance and grades. The reporting feature allowed instructors to print student progress reports, as well as, other necessary reports required by administration.
  • Developed a tool to help create the master schedule for campus in order to be more efficient and effective. Tool included student and faculty schedules, and room assignments based on curriculum and technical needs.
  • Supervised and participated in developing strategies for faculty members to positively and constructively enter peer classrooms and provide feedback on curriculum, delivery, and classroom management.