Training Coordinator

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2001 to 2003

Responsible for overseeing the company’s training program, including the analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation of each program. This positions ensures that employees have the required tools, knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform their jobs and support the organization’s mission. The Training Coordinator collaborates with all management and supervisory staff to address changes in the work environment, develop a learning culture, and measure training effectiveness.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Created and maintained training database to automate registration, notification, tracking, and reporting processes.
  • Developed curriculum for formal and informal classroom, on-the-job, cross training, and orientation programs to enhance the knowledge and skills required to optimize individual, team, and company performance; determined most effective delivery methods and instructional strategies for each.
  • Worked with department managers and trainers to assist in the organization, design, documentation, and delivery of technical training within the department; provided presentation skills training and on-going support to ensure training program continuity.
  • Scheduled training sessions ensuring facility and audiovisual setup.
  • Maintained employee training records and files; purged terminated employee records.
  • Maintained training resources library.
  • Created and modified Access database to more efficiently track job applicants, automate notification letters, and report federally required EEO statistics.


  • Reviewed and updated the company’s PHM Certification prep course (Managed Care 101) curriculum and effectively changed the company’s pass rate from 50% to 90%.
  • Collaborated with the company’s collections staff and developed a database to monitor and manage collections. First implementation of the database yielded the company over 1 million dollars in overdue collections.