Education & Development Manager

CIB Marine Bancshares LogoCIB Marine Bancshares, Inc.
2003 to 2005

Work with the Director of Human Resources and the management of the company to identify and define the various strategic and operational training and development needs; conduct periodic surveys to determine the need for and scope of programs at all employee levels; work with company management to ensure training program continuity; research alternative training programs on their behalf.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Created policies and procedures for department programs.
  • Developed and monitored the education and development budget.
  • Provided leadership to the training function; overseen the work of training support personnel.
  • Developed and supervised the creation of individual and/or group training curricula; analyzed training needs and determined appropriate instructional strategies; evaluated training effectiveness and recommended changes based on relevant data.
  • Created a job description database to better manage changes to current job descriptions and make the recruiting, hiring, and performance appraisal processes more efficient.


  • Developed a program providing tuition assistance to employees based on established criteria, company need, and supervisor approval.
  • Created a program to help existing employees develop a plan that addresses performance and career development goals both short-term and long-term as they relate directly to the business.
  • A short-term work experience in a professional environment where a student receives training and gains experience in a specific field or career area within our company and the emphasis is on learning.